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Automobile GPS tracker of BI of 810 Trek
  • Automobile GPS tracker of BI of 810 Trek

Automobile GPS tracker of BI of 810 Trek

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


BI 810 TREK is intended for installation on any mobile or stationary object for the purpose of determination of speed, the direction of the movement, coordinates on means of GNSS, and also for ensuring data collection arriving from external devices, and the subsequent their transfer on the server by means of GPRS.
The terminal has the built-in accumulator that allows it to work independently, in the absence of an external power supply, till 8 o'clock, in the standard mode of data transmission.
In case of loss of communication with the GSM operator, BI 810 TREK can write down and store up to 65 000 records and as soon as connection is restored, will transfer the saved-up data to the server on GPRS.

  • The new case is made of the high-temperature material strengthened by fiber glass (PA6 PLASTIC) performed by IP 65;
  • The improved protection against retension in an onboard network of the car;
  • Possibility of connection of the additional equipment (sensors), through a chain of protection of the terminal;
  • Connection of sensors on RS485;
  • Existence of external GLONASS/GPS and GSM of antennas, for higher level of reception of signals.
  • Standard of data transmission: GSM 900-1800;
  • Communication channel in the GSM network: GPRS, SMS;
  • Class GPRS: 10;
  • Type of the navigation system: GPS or GLONASS/GPS;
  • Interfaces: RS 485;
  • The motion sensor on the basis of the accelerometer;
  • The protected food exit;
  • 1 SIM card;
  • 2 digital entrances (3 optionally);
  • 1 digital output;
  • 1 analog entrance (2 optionally);
  • Range of tension of digital entrances: from 0B to 40B;
  • Maximum current of a digital output: 0,5A;
  • Range of tension of analog entrances: from 0B to 27B;
  • Supply voltage: from 6B to 40B;
  • The standard consumed current (12B): 60ma;
  • The maximum consumed current (12B): 300 ma;
  • Volume of energy saving memory: 2 MB (or 65 000 records);
  • Internal accumulator: 1 000ma;
  • Working temperature: from -30 ° to +80 °;
  • Dimensions (SHKHDKHV): 95х95х29;
  • Mass of the terminal: 100 gr.


Complete set:

  1. The BI 810 TREK device - 1 piece;
  2. GSM antenna (external 2,5m.) - 1 pieces;
  3. GPS or GLONASS/GPS antenna (external 2,5m.) - 1 pieces;
  4. Documentation


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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Protection rating:IP65
GPS receiver sensitivity: -161 dBm
Information is up-to-date: 21.12.2018
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